Our Company

SEDECI is a company dedicated to the integral advising in Exterior Trade.

During our commercial tour, we have realized the need that exists on the market to reduce to the maximun the intermediaries in the operations of import and exportation, looking for alternatves that allow the reduction of costs, the concentration of information during the development of each one of the operations, and the safety of obtaining an excellent managing, person in charge for each of the obligations that of they generate in commercial, customs and exchange matter, preserving always the low costs and the excellence in the service.

Our experience allows us to offer services with the highest standards of quality that they benefit to our clients in all his operations. We possess the suitable infrastructure and an excellent human team.


QUALITY. We continually improve to meet the expectations of our customers.

SERVICE. We seek to achieve excellence by providing personalized, safe attention and in record time.

TEAMWORK. We coordinate and plan activities in order to achieve the greatest efficiency and effectiveness.

INNOVATION. We implement the best technology in all our work to make our ideas productive and present a better portfolio of services.

HONESTY. Develop our work under the concept of transparency of all our operations in the sector, acting with rectitude, good judgment, trust and respect.

COMPROMISE. Work with loyalty and diligence to achieve institutional objectives and excellent customer service.

EQUITY. Comply with the duties and obligations acquired by demonstrating fair treatment to all stakeholders in our business.

RESPONSIBILITY. Comply fully and in a timely manner with the commitments.