Our strategic alliance with GRECARGO, S.C., allows us to offer an integral service to all our clientssince we are in aptitude to handle all his shipments by air, maritime, terrestrial or multimode.

We consolidate and transport his load from any part of the world.

The skill of integrating several modalities of multimode transportation, united to diverse logistic processess, the allow us to provided integral solutions for the managing and administration of the chain of supply with a high degree of punctuality and efficiency.

Our lens is to solve the specific needs of transport and logistics of our clients, across the teamwork and the aptitude to offer solutions door to door, with a multimode approach and personalized advising.

Customs of Office

For the major confort of all our clients we possess the service of Office of Goods of import and importations for the following customs of our country:

Mexico City.

Mexico (Pantaco).


Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas.

Manzanillo, Colima.



SEDECI relies on a space of 2,000 m2 for storage of goods, capacity for the managing of free goods, stored or extra measured, and industria floors capacity of load 8ton/m2.

Inside our process of excellence to the service, and as complement to our already mentioned labours, in the service of the storage he will find:

Photographs to check the condition of receipt and delivery of his goods.

Excellent manipulation of load across hoist and elevators of last technology.

Insurance policy with total coverage on the goods that store.

Inventor Control.

Qualified Personnel.